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"We'll see how long you will last with the beast!"  Those words from the bandit leader who ambushed her rand around in Sert's head, who was now being tossed into a large, dungeon-like place. Trembling, she stood to look around the place. Her dress was torn and soaked, as if she made an attempt to flee and fell into a body of water. Her blue hair clung to her face and was matted and looked like it was tugged at in the back. Her frightened eyes scanned the area.

The room was dark, with the exception of a few torches that lit up the room only slightly. It revealed several remains of former residents of this dungeon. The wall was old, and a bit crusty from dried blood, with smeared handprints scattered about. Rats scurried from one side of the room to the other, squeaking nonstop. The girl gasped and stumbled back, only to realized that she may have caused her own demise.

Because from within the shadows stirred something, what it was Sert didn't know. Her only thought was to scamper back, her spine pressed against the wall. She watched, the-thing- that shared her cell with her began to reveal itself. Her heart stopped as the creature was revealed to her.

It was a man, or something close to a man. He had long white hair, which flowed down wildly. His left eye was covered in a sash, while his right eye seemed more serpant like than a man. A single horn curved downward, while the remains of the other jutted out like a stump. When she looked down, Sert was startled to see that instead of legs, he possessed a snake's tail, which was black as midnight, contrast to his pale human torso and snowy locks.

The being slithered towards her, his tongue flicking out similar to a snake.  Sert trembled, looking up at the naga, recoiling a bit in fear. She froze as the being moved his face close, his tongue running across her cheek. He pulled away a bit, his single eye staring at her petite form. He placed a hand on her cheek, stroking it gently. Sert blushed hard, eyes widening when she watched him pull away, slithering back to his spot in the shadows.

It was then she noticed that he was injured terribly; some of his wounds were turning if not infected already. His chest was burned, and a scar ran across his torso. Sert gasped at this, feeling herself move towards him. She knelt down beside him, her hands beginning to glow as she placed them on his chest, proceeding to heal his infected wounds and burns.

The white haired naga hissed in pain, shutting his eye tightly and two sharp fangs bared out. Sert whimpered a bit, managing to whisper, "I'm sorry." When she finished, pulling away and moved away from him, shivering from the cold.

The creature took the moment to look down at himself, to see what the blue-haired girl did to him. His eye widened a bit as he saw that his horrendous burn was gone, and he seemed as good as new. He turned his gaze towards her, confused. He noticed her shivering and he felt his heart act rather strange: It was aching for her. This feeling was foreign to him. Slowly he slithered to Sert, who did not notice as she shivered in the cold, hugging her knees.

Sert lowered her head, biting her lip. But suddenly she felt something wrap around her ankle, looking down to notice it was a tail. She yelped a bit, but looked over to see the naga pull her to him gently. He wrapped her with his tail, though not in a constricting way as a snake does to its prey, but in a gentle manner.

He wrapped his strong arms around her, resting his head on her shoulder. Sert blushed deeply, looking over at him. The naga looked over, slowly mouthing something to her.


Sert blinked, but smiled slowly as she nodded. He turned her to face him, placing her hand on his chest, where she could feel his heart beat. She blushed deeply, resting her head on his chest as she felt it race with her palm. Her eyes fluttered closed, feeling his heat wrap around her like blanket.

As she was going into a dream, Sert smiled to herself. The so-called 'beast' the bandit leader threw her to turned out to be the most gentle creature that she had ever met.
Ojal is a newer character of mine. He's a naga with no vocal cords whatsoever. Sert is Night-Blizzard's, I decided to write about their beauty and the beast relationship x3.

Sert C) Night-Blizzard
Ojal C) me.
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zero---123 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
I luv this story!
loginithenotsogreat Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
That's a really sweet story. I love the idea of gentle nagas. :love:
GameChibi Featured By Owner May 22, 2010  Hobbyist
Awww, thank you. x3
loginithenotsogreat Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
You're welcome. :D
ScytheMasterX2 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2009
Coolness~ You write about Night-Blizzard's OCs a lot. o_o I'm jealous. T-T
galabrotix Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
Hmm. I love this kind of storie :#. You have a very good touch at writing, but may I add something without the intent of being a mean head D:?

You can improve your writing to make it even more fantastic. I feel at times the writing was rushed. Make sure you don't rush somehting unless it is supposed to be rushed. Also, you have some good ability in description, but I feel if you took some time to use description and overally slow everything down, this would be very, very, very good.
GameChibi Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010  Hobbyist
Thanks for the tips. I guess it was rushed because I was using a computer at school and I Was running out of time xD
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